Bringing Legal into Strategy Development: A New Blue Ocean?

Bringing legal expertise into the business strategy development process is the natural conclusion of lawyers becoming more nuanced and practical business advisors. Just as accountants gave rise to McKinsey, so can lawyers add competitive advantage and create value.

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Business opportunities in legal services

Looking for innovation in the delivery of legal services leads naturally to an examination of business of lawyering, as opposed to the practice of law, and there is a large range of potential new business models to be considered.

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  • Bringing legal tools into the business strategy development process to help companies develop better strategies and create competitive advantage
  • Bringing business tools into the practice of law to help lawyers deliver multi-disciplinary and better service to business clients in a way that reflects the needs of business
  • Bringing business into the business of legal services in order to discover new business models for the benefit of lawyers, business, and the public.

Our hypothesis is that these three topics each have the potential to create dramatic change within the practice of law, the business of legal services, and the business world generally.

The purpose of the Journal is to create an international forum for discussion between practicing lawyers, business executives, strategy consultants, and academics in both business and law, to explore and collectively discover these topics.

In order to stimulate this discussion, the intention is to publish thought-provoking pieces six times per year. Detailed comments are very welcome, indeed they are essential, as are submissions for publication.

The editorial board is:

Geoff Plant QC, Heenan Blaikie, Vancouver
Sebastian Philipp, KPMG, Berlin
Robbie Fleming, Vancouver

The journal is published by Robbie Fleming.